Eight Réales Spanish Shipwreck Coin Necklace

La Consolación, the Spanish ship intended to be a part the Spanish “South Seas Fleet” of 1681, but was delayed and found itself traveling alone off the coast of modern-day Ecuador. Lonesome and unaided, the ship was targeted by a crew of Pirates led by the frightening Captain, Bartholomew Sharpe. The buccaneer forced the Spanish galleon to sink on a reef off Santa Clara Island and before the pirates could get to the ship, the crew set fire to her to try and escape to the nearby island without success. Angered by the inability to seize the valuable cargo of La Consolación, Sharpe’s men punished the Spaniards and tried in vain to recover the treasure through the efforts of local fishermen. Spanish attempts after that were also fruitless, so the treasure of the Consolación sat undisturbed until our modern time. 

Vincent Peach creates a design to effortlessly wear this beautiful historic relic. The braided leather combined with the unique luster of the Tahitian is perfect duality and appropriately paired with the silver coin from the lost shipwreck of South America.

Style Number: C003

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